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Tech Lead & Code Lover Looking For New Challenges

With more than 6 years of experience working with PHP, Java and Angular. I have the capability to manage teams, face complex situations, through analysis, evaluation and decision making. I am a versatile person who seeks new challenges to improve as a professional

Professional experience
Remax Argentina & Uruguay
Tech Lead - from Oct 2019 to the present

- I am responsible for a team of 5 people bringing the use of SCRUM to the culture of the company, which was adopted by other areas.

- I streamlined the delivery of functionalities and error tickets were reduced by more than 50% thanks to the implementation of testing, continuous integration and use of TDD and BDD.

- I led the migration of 100% of the infrastructure to a microservices system allowing control availability, over versioning and error management.

- I designed the architecture and supervised the development of a web system with a presence in Argentina and Uruguay that has a traffic of 15,000 concurrent users and it was possible to increase the rate of new users by more than 125%

Tech-stack: Angular, Typescript, Java, PHP, AWS, Docker, SCRUM, Bitbucket, Jenkins, Springboot, MongoDB, PostgreSql

Hospital Universitario Austral
Full Stack Developer - from Jul 2018 to Oct 2019

- I developed and maintained the applications used internally ensuring the quality and good practices of the code.

- I was part of the team that defined the architecture bases in FrontEnd projects using ReactJs which is used in more than 3 productive applications.

- I developed utility tools used by the team to minimize the times in daily and redundant tasks based on Bash scripts.

Tech-stack: Typescript, .Net Core, SqlServer, ReactJs, VueJs, JQuery, EntityFramework Core, SCRUM

Full Stack Developer - from Feb 2015 to Jun 2018

- I made the decision to use AngularJs together with MaterialUI on the platform to improve the user experience, redesigning 100% of the FrontEnd based on the brand manual, capturing a greater volume of users.

- I was the IT contact of the clients and took part in various meetings, proposed new functionalities and sold the product.

- I designed and proposed the technologies used in more than 3 solutions for events of companies and universities with national impact.

Tech-stack: Angular, PHP, PostgreSql, AWS, Java, JQuery, Laravel

Lic. en Sistemas de información
Universidad Nacional de Luján
Analista Programador Universitario
Universidad Nacional de Luján
Some boring info about me
Fabian Alejandro Zamudio
31 (22/12/1989)
Córdoba Capital, Córdoba, Argentina
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